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Who Are We?

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Years ago, upon starting this blog, I became obsessed with humanity’s identity, purpose, and potential. I wrote articles as an exercise in sharing my journey but also to make up for a time when I was young and should have been studying – my attention elsewhere. I’ve been open to allowing the universe’s current to take me without knowing the destination.

The result has been terrifyingly wonderful.

I’ve come to know that despite struggle and difficulty (the terrifying), I’ve had a truly amazing life. Dreams and wishes fulfilled (the wonderful).

And now, I have a strong desire to lift others up, to share in the hopes that others will be able to achieve even more than I. A nurturing and focused energy.

We live in an unprecedented age where more is possible than at any time in human history. We have more knowledge, space, civility, and hope. And we have the possibility of being more.

And so, I choose to dedicate my life to helping others achieve their potential. The most fulfilling times in my life have been when lifting others. When connecting others. When growing and transforming.

Whether you believe we are godly creations put here as a test to enter eternity in paradise or an aimless spec in the universe’s infinite expanse, one thing is for sure: WE ARE A MIRACLE.

Which also means that YOU are a miracle.

At the same time, we don’t know ourselves, and we often occur in the world as toddlers discovering fire and burning ourselves and others to ashes – unaware of our power.

And so this blog, once nebulous and exploratory – a depository of study, ideas, and growth – is sharpened. A transformation into an apparatus of that growth, connection, and ultimate destiny that I see, feel, and sometimes experience.

This evolution and apparatus is coaching.

Spending years in therapy (which has certainly had its benefits), life coaching has brought me more growth and fulfillment than I could have expected. It is the blade on the sword of knowledge, the tool that enables me to be present and in control of my life.

In my youth, I wanted to be a psychologist. I even considered going back last year to do so. But instead, I was led to coaching. What I’ve learned has been more impactful than anything in my undergrad or graduate education. And I want to share it with you.

The answer to the question posed in this work’s title can only be answered by you, for you. But I assert that the answer is in there – in you waiting to be known, discovered.

Write your story.

It is yours and yours alone.


It is in your power, no matter how dark the road may seem.

You’re the hero.

And it is time for you to emerge.

Can you see it?

And I am honored to guide.

Good Journey.



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